Sustainable Development Policy


Establish a commitment as a company to develop our work in a sustainable way with our stakeholders and the environment, and carry out our work under the principle of continuous improvement of our environmental and quality management systems.


Stakeholders: Workers, collaborators, suppliers, shareholders, clients, communities, environment.


Concept: The Sustainable Development Policy is defined as the series of measures to which SQM adheres, which are aimed at generating an internal culture of sustainability and an efficient and responsible administration of natural resources, by the company and its members, for the preservation of the ecological balance, the care of people and the environment.

Concept: Sustainable Development considers meeting the needs of present generations, without compromising the possibilities of future generations to meet their own needs.

At SQM our commitment to sustainability is integral and inalienable, applied to all of our work, caring for and respecting people, the environment and communities. As a company, we are committed to meeting high standards and, at the same time, we seek new challenges to continue improving the sustainability of SQM.

  • We are a global company present in industries essential for human development, such as health, food, clean energy, and technology. Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to have a world leadership position in specialty plant nutrition (NVE), iodine and derivatives, lithium and derivatives, and industrial chemicals, and we participate in the potassium market; reaching various markets with our products in a timely manner and delivering quality to our customers.
  • To give life to strategic products for human development, we base our actions on the values ​​that guide our way of conducting ourselves: Excellence, safety and integrity, embodied in our Code of Ethics, which applies to all of us who are part of SQM. This Code calls us to meet strict standards for the good performance of Corporate governance and a robust risk management system, fully complying with current legislation and regulations, as well as national and international commitments and standards that we voluntarily acquire.
  • We promote respectful labor relations, creating the necessary conditions so that each person can develop their capacities, we value meritocracy, and we favor equal opportunities, the inclusion of diversity and non-discrimination and respect for human rights at all times.
  • We are committed to the protection of the environment and a responsible management of the natural resources that we use, complying with our acquired commitments, focusing and planning each of our work to prevent and minimize impacts on the environment, ecosystems and future generations. We constantly seek to reduce the use of raw materials, control our air emissions, particularly those of greenhouse effect, and avoid the generation of waste or ensure its adequate control. We continuously monitor our Environmental Management System for optimal environmental performance.
  • We are responsible for our clients by delivering quality products that comply with the committed standards and applicable regulations, and providing care and service that ensures a long-term collaborative relationship of mutual benefit, for which we maintain a Quality Management system.
  • We promote the continuous improvement of our performance in terms of safety, health, biodiversity, the environment, quality and relations with the community.
  • This constant attention to our daily work allows us to develop on time and implement the prevention plans and the necessary control measures, integrating innovation and pioneering solutions, thanks to the permanent search for continuous improvement under the Lean M1 methodology.
  • Likewise, we maintain a close relationship with the neighboring communities of our production facilities, actively participating in their development. We interact in an open, permanent and transparent way with all our neighbors, based on programs and initiatives developed in a participatory manner, by mutual agreement, where we are all part of a common goal. In this sense, we have defined as priorities the areas of education, social inclusion, entrepreneurship, rescue of historical heritage and sustainable development.
  • The commitment to sustainability is part of our business strategy. We began three years ago by carrying out an exhaustive process to rethink our strategy with a 20-year view of sustainability, which considers adaptability according to conditions.
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