Air conditioning
Lithium Carbonate in the Air Conditioning market

Air conditioning

The use of Lithium Carbonate is essential for the air treatment carried out by air conditioning equipment and which modify the conditions of a space to adapt them to specific needs. Lithium Carbonate is used in industrial air conditioning and dehumidification systems in air conditioning equipment, due to its highly hygroscopic properties that allow it to absorb humidity from the air. This is why lithium is a key component in the air conditioning system.


Lithium carbonate, 99% min Li2CO3 CRY9000.00

Lithium carbonate, 99% min Li2CO3

What is lithium carbonate used for?

Lithium and its derivatives constitute a key input for the development of electromobility and the technologies that are moving the world; It is also very important for the pharmaceutical industry and for industrial uses. As one of the largest producers in the world in this market and with one of the lowest carbon footprints in the market, we are committed to the development and sustainability of the lithium industry, where our effort aims to deliver high quality products in a timely manner. , but also to make significant investments in order to guarantee the availability of the product.


Lithium uses and applications


We are one of the largest lithium producers in the world operating in the Salar de Atacama in Chile, where there are vast reserves of lithium-containing brines. Lithium plays a crucial role in different applications: energy storage in electric cars, special mirrors for advanced telescopes, lubricating greases and health, among others.

Lithium carbonate, 99% min Li2CO3 CRY8900.00

Lithium carbonate, 99% min Li2CO3

Technical Grade - Crystallized 99% min


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