NCh 3262, Gender Equality
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NCh 3262, Gender Equality

Our Commitment: Through this standard we are committed to generating organizational management procedures and practices, the purpose of which is to transform the management of people management and organizational development to guarantee a greater degree of equality and equity.

The Chilean Standard NCh3262 (2012) on Gender Equality and Reconciliation of Work, Family and Personal Life is a voluntary compliance standard that can be implemented in any organization.

To incorporate gender perspective into companies, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) recommended that all countries create programs to certify gender equality management systems.

Our goal is to provide workers with the opportunity and necessary conditions so that each one can develop and carry out their activities in an environment of cordiality, equality, equity and respect.


We commit to voluntarily adopting this standard at our facilities, beginning with SQM corporate headquarters in Santiago to prepare for certification in 2022.

Progress report

We are working on the Nch3262-based Gender Equality and Work-Life Balance System (SGIGC for Spanish acronym).  

Our workforce is currently 17% female. We have set a target of 2021% in 20.

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