Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We are a global company, made up of workers of more than 30 nationalities, which seeks to generate the necessary opportunities and conditions so that each person can develop their skills in an atmosphere of cordiality, respect and openness. Therefore, we are committed to:

  • Promote an internal culture of diversity, non-discrimination and respectful treatment.
  • Promote equity of opportunities, valuing and evaluating people for their merits, performance and effort to generate value.
  • Adapt conditions and jobs, when required, to facilitate the gradual incorporation of people living with disabilities.
  • Continually challenge the selection and evaluation processes to facilitate meritocracy, attract, develop and retain talented people.
  • Form heterogeneous work teams, with people who share a common purpose in SQM and who constantly seek excellence.
  • Expand female participation at all levels and areas of the organization, and increase local employment around our operations.
  • We seek to promote the best practices for our workers for each strategic objective, through our different tools in order to attract and/or develop potential talents so that they join our company in the future.
Diversity and inclusion policy at SQM
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