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Global Battery Alliance aims to create a sustainable lithium battery value chain through 10 guiding principles. We are the only lithium producer participating in this international alliance.

Our Commitment:

SQM Lithium is a member of the Global Battery Alliance (GBA), a coalition of companies, governments and civil society organizations that work together to promote sustainable development throughout the battery supply chain.

We adhere to the GBA principles, sustainably producing lithium, monitoring, reporting and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, along with lowering our water and carbon footprint, and improving our energy efficiency. These commitments are also in our Sustainability Plan.

The Global Battery Alliance, GBA, focuses on addressing the social and environmental challenges associated with the production and use of batteries, including eliminating energy poverty, protecting the environment, and fostering gender equality in communities. production of battery materials.

As a member of the GBA, SQM Lithium is committed to working with other companies and organizations to implement sustainable and responsible practices in the production and distribution of lithium-ion batteries. This includes promoting transparency in the battery supply chain, encouraging innovation in more sustainable battery technologies, and supporting the formation of public policies that encourage sustainable growth in the battery industry.

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