SQM monitoring map


Committed to sustainability and efficient management of resources in the Salar de Atacama, we launched the website "SQM online"; whose environmental monitoring system will allow us to report, on a daily basis, on the extraction of industrial water, brine and information of interest in environmental matters. An act of transparency that works as a means of verification for authorities, community and interested parties.

The environmental monitoring system will allow access to parameters and variables from approximately 300 measurement points that the company had from the core to the areas surrounding the Salar de Atacama. This online monitoring system that aims to increase information in environmentally sensitive systems and their surroundings, in order to improve knowledge of their hydrogeological and hydrological dynamics, and maintain control in case of observing deviations and take preventive and concrete actions to ensure that the system is maintained as agreed in the environmental commitments.

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SQM Lithium Separator