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ISO/TC 333 Lithium

In 2020 we joined the ISO / TC 333 Lithium International Committee with the mission of contributing - with all our experience acquired in more than 20 years producing lithium compounds - in the study of those technical regulations necessary to expand its value chain.

The ISO / TC 333 Committee is a normative and technical entity, which is part of the International Standards Organization (ISO), formed in May 2020 at the request of the People's Republic of China, after a positive vote from many ISO member countries , Including Chile.

The ISO / TC 333 Committee is made up of 11 participating members, among which are the main producing nations and / or with important resources of this non-metallic mineral, such as Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Australia, along with 14 observer members from countries such as Canada. , Austria, Korea, Germany and the US, among others.

Each ISO Technical Committee has its corresponding Mirror Committee in each country that actively participates in a regulatory process, which is responsible for forming working groups in the different technical areas or set of standards. Said Mirror Committee is defined as a technical establishment established at the local level for the purpose of national experts participating, for example, in the study of this international standard; in replicating the actions of the Technical Committee of the International or Regional Standardization Organization, and in developing an integrated study plan for Chilean Standards, Technical Publications and International Standards.

SQM has already appointed experts in each of those areas relevant to ISO / TC 333, among which three workers with extensive knowledge of lithium stand out: Alejandro Echeverría, Quality Product Management Director, in charge of product standards; María Teresa Martínez, head of Lithium & Iodine Regulatory Affairs, who will lead the issues related to classification and labeling; and Christopher Green, Head of Analytical Development, who will oversee the analysis methods.

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