SQM Lithium Value Proposition

SQM's lithium extraction and production process is different and unique in various aspects, which undoubtedly make it stand out from the rest of the lithium produced in the world.

WHERE is very relevant. SQM's Lithium is produced in Chile. 

Where SQM's lithium is produced is an element that adds value to the product due to the stability of the country, its clear rules and level of development. Chile has been a member of the OECD since 1993, and highlighted by The Economist as one of the 21 most complete democracies in the world, according to its Democracy Index. To the above, it is added that Chile is the world leader in mining, considered the best country to invest in unconventional energy according to Bloomberg and that it has the best level of competitiveness compared to the rest of Latin America, as well as the highest human development index of Latin America, and a GDPR of the highest in the region.

Chile's country risk is very low for investors, as is its level of transparency, which places it in the first third worldwide.

These are some of the most relevant attributes that Chile has as a country positioning, and where it stands out in a relevant way over other lithium-producing countries.

Sunset in Santiago de Chile waterfront
Solar Energy - Atacama Salt Flat

HOW Lithium is produced is a crucial factor in terms of sustainability.

One of the relevant particularities of how SQM lithium is produced is the favorable conditions of the Salar de Atacama, and which is where the brine is extracted, which is concentrated in evaporation pools, taking advantage of the high levels of solar radiation, this allows that SQM's production process involves 97,4% solar energy, making it a highly energy-efficient process.

Likewise, the production process of lithium is an element that adds value to the product. Although there are several ways to extract lithium, the process used by SQM Litio stands out for being environmentally friendly and can be identified in two ways: through brine or through rock (spodumene). SQM's lithium is extracted from the first one, since the process via rock is considerably more intensive in water consumption, energy and CO2 emissions. At this point, if we analyze the LCA of SQM Lithium, we can understand that its water, carbon and energy footprint is one of the lowest on the planet, and not only by obtaining it via brine, but also by the different processes of greater efficiency applied by SQM.

WHO produces the Lithium is another very relevant factor.

Another important differentiator of lithium is who produces it. With more than 5 decades of experience in the chemical industry, SQM Lithium has commercial offices and supply points practically all over the world, and has a robust production structure that allows it to deliver a continuous volume and supply.

SQM has designed an ambitious US$2024 billion expansion plan by 1.300, which will make it possible to supply the world demand generated by electromobility in a constant, safe and sustainable manner. And additionally, to diversify the supply points in the world, it is evaluating the Mt Holland project located in Australia


This way of operating allows SQM to be part of the Global Battery Alliance (part of the World Economic Forum) and the UN Global Compact, whose objective is to achieve compliance with 17 essential objectives for the development of human life that guide us towards a more sustainable world. and safe for everyone.


SQM logo in colors, white background
SQM Lithium Separator