Logistics chain and Traceability
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Since the finished product is dispatched from the production units in the north of Chile to the final clients abroad, there is an important process where logistical details are key to comply with the delivery deadlines agreed in each of the countries where we are present in the 5 continents.

One of our most important advantages is the close relationship with our suppliers, both land and sea transport. This relationship is long-standing and trustworthy, which allows us to operate efficiently and flexibly in the face of changes in demand or new commercial requirements.

Likewise, 95% of the cargo that leaves our plants is shipped through Puerto Angamos, which, given the geographical conditions of the Bay of Mejillones, has an operating capacity of 99%, which gives us the confidence and support to deliver the best service within the stipulated deadlines.


Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology, we can maintain the traceability of the containers, since they are permanently monitored from the moment they leave the port until they arrive at their destination. For this, our company uses the Ocean Insights platform, being the pioneers in using this technology in Chile.

Thanks to this platform, SQM's Finished Products Transportation and Distribution team knows in real time the exact place where the containers are located.

Ocean Insights integrates, through big data analysis and machine learning, the available information provided by ports, shipping companies and satellites, relating it to that of container transport on ships, transit times, real times of stay in transshipment ports or delays on arrival at the destination port, among other information. With all this information available, it is possible to obtain traceability that allows better planning of logistics resources, minimizing costs, improving the level of service and, finally, having a more efficient operation at a local and global level.

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Currently, lithium is one of the most processed products in international markets, among the main lithium exporting countries are:

  1. China
  2. South Korea
  3. Belgium
  4. Japan
  5. USA


To comply with current regulations optimally and efficiently, there is an area within the company especially dedicated to logistics issues, where the main counterpart is the National Customs Service. It is the area of ​​Foreign Trade (COMEX), which works under three axes:

  1. Compliance with customs legal regulations
  2. Quality of the information
  3. Arrive on time with documentation
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World map interconnected by the export of Chile


The traceability system for lithium products manufactured by SQM began to be implemented in 2019, after having acquired the commitment with the Production Development Corporation (Corfo), where it was agreed to have complete traceability of the production and export process of the lithium produced by SQM.

In this traceability process, the management and planning area is in charge of designing the monitoring of the products from the moment they are packaged until their final delivery. This traceability process begins with the labeling of the already packaged product.

In 2018, the company designed a modern and efficient traceability system to know all kinds of changes in products. Thus, each bag has its label, which allows it to be followed around the world to quickly know to whom it was sold, from which port it left and when it was sold.

The product is traced until its final delivery to the customer through a unique system of labels that reflect dates of production, packaging, shipment and destinations.

SQM Carbonate product label
SQM Lithium Separator