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We are a global company focused on a variety of strategic industries for human development: health, food, technology, and the clean energies that move the world. We have 5 business lines, and in all of them we exercise a world leadership position: Lithium and derivatives, Specialty Plant Nutrition, Iodine and derivatives, Potassium and Industrial Chemicals

We have a network of commercial offices in more than 20 countries that allows us to reach customers in 115 countries with our products. In order to achieve this world leadership, in its already 52-year history, SQM has made a decisive commitment to innovation and technological development, with heavy investments in advanced human capital and a clear short, medium and long-term strategy.


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  • We are an organization that is constantly challenged, in order to achieve ever better results, in order to create shared value for shareholders, collaborators, customers, suppliers and communities.

  • In our work and daily challenges, we encourage being creative, agile and innovative.

  • We carry out our work within a framework of sustainability and respect for the environment.

  • We want to build, throughout the organization, a culture of excellence based on the ten principles of the Lean methodology (M1).

  • We promote and value internal meritocracy as the main way of professional growth, favoring equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity. We seek to generate professional development opportunities for people, so that they reach their maximum potential.

  • Taking care of people is a priority organizational commitment that mobilizes us on a daily basis, seeking to have safe and accident-free operations.

  • We are responsible for creating the conditions for the safe development of each job; as well as promoting behaviors aimed at the physical and psycho-occupational safety of everyone who works at SQM.

  • Each person in the organization is responsible for taking care of himself and also for taking care of the other members of the team; as well as maintaining an unavoidable commitment to the application of safe behaviors. We promote open and permanent feedback to make visible opportunities for improvement in safety.

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  • We seek to carry out our daily work with the high standards of integrity described in the internal code of ethics. In turn, we are open and interested in identifying and implementing better ways of working that ensure and facilitate compliance with these standards.

  • We promote respect and compliance with each of the commitments assumed with shareholders, clients, collaborators, regulators, communities, suppliers and authorities.

  • It is a voluntary commitment that integrates a vision of the future to become relevant actors of cultural change, to contribute to the sustainable planet that we all want and dream of, and we will do so not only through the contribution that our products make to health, food , green energy and technology, but also through the production chain of them.

  • Sustainability leads us to rethink our processes, activities and what to do to materialize concrete actions such as:

  • Be carbon neutral in Iodine, Lithium and Potassium Chloride by 2030, and of all SQM products by 2040

  • Reduce the use of fresh water in our production processes by 40% by 2030

  • Reduce the generation of industrial waste by 50% by 2025

  • Reduce the extraction of brines in the Salar de Atacama by 20% as of this year, and by 50% by 2030

  • Strengthen the development of our neighboring communities

  • Develop a high standard in ESG reportability

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