SQM promoted the participation of workers and the community in the SQM Sports Competitive Funds. In 2019, there were more than 30 projects that were presented, 25% higher than 2018, of which 21 were selected in one of the four lines of action: Training, Recreational, Competitive and High Performance Sports. The awarded initiatives were presented by company employees who practice sports at a competitive level, participate in sports organizations, or represent family members who seek to promote sports and healthy living through various initiatives.

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For a couple of years, sport has become a topic of interest for some of the communities where we are inserted. Every year we receive requests from institutions and associations, who ask us to be present with contributions or generating activities that promote and finance the holding of sporting events. As a company we support projects of this type, understanding that sport is a contribution to people's health and that it helps in the comprehensive training of young people by giving them tools that are valued such as teamwork, perseverance, healthy competition, respect, among other skills. This program was also aimed at Company workers, who can participate in a series of initiatives aimed at improving their lifestyle, promoting healthy eating and sports. Some of the activities are sports classes such as Crossfit, healthy eating workshops, and fruit delivery to the Company's corporate buildings.


The Family Run that takes place in the town of Toconao and that gives the possibility of enjoying beautiful natural landscapes, has the participation of a large number of runners who dared to be part of this circuit that is characterized by being a competition that It takes place at 2.400 meters above sea level, with a unique geography in Chile and temperatures that generally border 30°C. This initiative is financed through the SQM Sports Competitive Funds and nominated by the worker Marcelo Lobos and his team of Runners Salar de Atacama.

Family competing in the Toconao race
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